Smalltalk Features

  • Dynamic and powerful type system without type declaration
  • Objects are typed;
  • Variables are not typed.
  • Consistent Implementation of "Information Hiding".
  • Dynamic binding for high flexibility

What Makes Smalltalk Stand Out?

  • Consistently object oriented without compromise.
  • Everything is an object: numbers, text, structures, classes, methods, tools, windows.
  • Distinction between values and objects by a compiler

Smalltalk is cost-efficient

  • Ideal for prototyping, extreme or agile programming and complex modelling.
  • Great proximity between concept and design without technology and media disruptions.
  • Gives easily maintained and compact codes

Smalltalk Theory

  • Smalltalk is a modelling language that is able to depict every cleanly formulated theoritical concepts and information concepts as class system in a tidy fashion.

Smalltalk - a Software Basis 

  • Smalltalk is operational on the desktop as well as server
  • Smalltalk applications are binar compatible on all platforms. 
More interesting facts about Smalltalk