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GHPrint2Web: Your converter from InDesign® to HTML


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You are a designer and you work with InDesign ® CS? Our solution can bring your printed media to the web immediate and with pixel accuracy!

Our solution for you:  GHPrint2Web!

Without being considerate of the Internet users, Adobe expects to use Flash or PDF in the browser. If you do not want to coerce your customers to Flash or PDF, until now you had to cut bit maps into snippets and reassemble in HTML ...

Now you can use GHPrint2Web!

GHPrint2Web extends Adobe InDesign ® for export to standard-compliant HTML.

There are many reasons why InDesign projects have to get to the web. Perhaps because InDesign ® even in the web is the unrivaled tool for perfect DESIGN? Which designer would already tinker around with DreamWeaver if he can implement his ingenious design ideas with Adobe InDesign ®? Or there are already templates for print products (flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc.) which were created in InDesign ® and have to go to the Web now.
How ever ... sometimes design has to go to the web -
quickly, accurate and inexpensive.

Advantages for designer and user
Did you know that pages from GHPrint2Web no need Flash Player and plugins?