Hints about Steam engines in UK

The following hints about some steam engines arround the UK have been compiled by Martin de Little ,Guildford, England, and I would like thank him for this contribution. Please keep in mind that some of the telephone numbers may well have changes and named personel may no longer hold responsibility for their original tasks.

The Bradford Industrial Museum is at:
Moorside Mills, Moorside Road, Bradford, BD2 3HP. Telephone 01274 631756.Open tuesday-sunday inclusive. Admission free.A great restaurant they do enormous yorkshire puddings with gravy. I believe it steams on sunday afternoons only.

Cromford is immediately south of Matlock Bath. The Cromford and High Peak railway has a
winding shed at the top of "middleton pasture". This is accessible by road (aka as Middleton Top) and is also the start of the High Peak Trail of some 15 miles which follows the old railway line. It is now extensively used as a cycle track over the high moor. The winding engine steams on certain sundays. Tel the following for details: Wirksworth 0162982 3727.
Further information may be found in the following journal: Cromford and High peak by I.C. Coleford, Irwell press ISBN:1-871608-78-3. It is available from the Arkwright Museum (Original cotton mill of Sir Richard Arkwright, father of the factory system) in Cromford village - below middleton top.

Alongside the canal running from the Arkwright museum - about two miles away may be
found the Leawood pumping station. Tel: Same no as for the winding engine - above.

Telephone no for the Ellen Road Mill engine... 01706 881952. Answering machine out of
hours. Entry £1.50 waged, 75p unwaged. Location... right next to junction 21 (Milnrow exit) on the M62 - as you travel from Manchester to Leeds and halifax, and begin the climb up over the moors it is on your r/h side.
The engine is a triple expansion engine (replicated each side of the flywheel) stroke 6' rpm 55. Started up May 19th 1892. Further information from: Stanley Graham, Project director, Overdale, 41 Bark Lane, Addingham, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 0RA. Only one side of the engine is steamed up.
For the curious about this engine I quote... "The engine is a symphony of blued steel and polished brass and is enormous. The flywheel alone weighs as much as nine double decker buses and is twenty eight feet in diameter" (in meters Roland URGH??). "It is capable of producing 3,000 horse power and is the largest complete example left in Britain. Ellenroad is a gentle giant, quiet and very beautiful to watch whilst in motion. it smell nice, is warm and full of nostalgia for days gone by definitely not an experience to be missed".
I (Martin) can testify to all of that. The best part is talking to an old boy who knows and loves the engine whilst watching the engine and clutching a seriously strong cup of tea (industrial strength of course).
An excellent pamhlet on James Watt
and his work is as follows :"James Watt - pioneer of the machine age, the development of machinery and engineering science in the early days of steam".
Pub: Artisan , technical writing and publication, 45 Kew road, Failsworth, Manchester. M35 9LB. price £3.00. ISBN:0 9517546 0 2
The pumping engine at Hove Sussex is more correctly known as:
British Engineerium, Nevill Road, Hove, East Sussex. Tel Brighton 01273 559583.
The engineerium also has many other exhibits besides the engine. An interesting feature of this engine is that when it is steaming it is run "on the vacuum" - or used to be.