This is Roland Wagener's Homepage.

A picture of me. Having studied Computer Science at the University of Dortmund I started to work for company 'Georg Heeg' in 1990. Beside the support I work as a trainer for the Smalltalk Programming language. If you are interested please look for further information on Georg Heeg courses right here.

In my spare time I spend a lot of hours in front of my PowerMac, painting pictures, modelling in 3D, and raytracing those models afterwards. Other hobbies are cycling, motor biking, music.

Look here for a collection of 'Pictures for a year'.

Have you ever seen a computer built from scratch? My brother and I did this in 1979 (I think, we started there), and it was great fun when it really did what it should. Look here for a picture. Sadly enough, it doesn't work anymore. Specs: Z80 2MHz, 2 kB static RAM, 2 kB static RAM with battery (like an EEPROM), selfmade backplane, selfmade boards.

Above all I am now working on the construction of a Cornish Steam engine. That's the reason why I put up Roland's Cornish Steam Engine Page, showing some pictures of the 3D model (the current "state of affairs") along with some information on the original.

If you like to give any comments, please send me a note. 

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Roland Wagener