Köthen Branch
Georg Heeg eK Contact Person: Georg Heeg
Wallstraße 22 Tel.:   +49 (34 96) 21 43 28
D-06366 Köthen Fax: +49 (34 96) 21 47 12
  E-mail: info@heeg.de

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How to get there
Georg Heeg eK can be reached on foot (approx. 1.6 km), wit bus or with taxi. From the station, go left through Dr. Krause Straße until you arrive at Bärplatz, then go to the pedestrian zone on the opposing side and follow it until you reach the marketplace. From there, go to the school street behind the cathedral to Bach Place and turn left. There, you will find the Georg Heeg eK office in Wallstr. no. 22.

Take the Bus 400 from the station -until Bärteichpromenade- afterwards, continue on foot and head westwards to the Bärteichpromenade. Walk about 250 meters until the Wallstraße can be seen on the right. No. 22 -Georg Heeg eK office- can be found in about 80 meters from this point and on the left side.

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