seaBreeze was developed by Georg Heeg eK in order to make the construction of websites with Seaside faster and simpler.

seaBreeze is a graphics-based development tool for websites and allows the interactive, comfortable and fast development of dynamic sites in a WYSIWYG editor. Extensive knowledge in Javascript, CSS and HTML is no longer necessary because everything can be done in Smalltalk, much of it faster and more comfortably in the graphical editor.


Furthermore, we are personally available to you with our expertise as the developer of seaBreeze. We offer introductory courses in web development with seaBreeze, assistance in your own development as well as the complete development of web applications with your demands by our specialists. We gladly work together with our own web designers and with your preferred partner. Please contact us to set up an appointment for discussions and presentations.


seaBreeze is a framework to create object oriented web applications.