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What is SmalltyAIConnect?

Do you need inspiration for your workflows?
With a little inspiration, some jobs go easier!
And how is it with your customers:
Can text modules generated from the application context make working with your application easier or faster?
Can translated text sections make the work easier?

With SmalltyAIConnect you can generate such inspirational texts using text responses from OpenAI, drawing on the context of your VisualWorks application for the question. As an example, consider the comment calculation for VisualWorks methods. Our SmalltyAIConnect extension adds the menu item to the menu of the source code editor.

The functionality sends the method source code embedded in a question to OpenAI, whereupon the answer is inserted as a comment here:

The comment generated in this way can now be adopted, or adapted or extended. The same can be achieved for class comments.
Also translations, analyses, explanations are provided by the AI of OpenAI based on your queries, so your VisualWorks applications can thus be brought to a new level of productivity.
All answers provided by OpenAI belong to the questioner, i.e. you; of course, you are responsible for the further processing of the answers.
The topic of AI is currently on everyone's lips, so using it in your applications is uncharted territory and certainly an experiment. Our interface will continue to change and adapt with the offerings of AI manufacturers.

If you, too, want to offer and use such work simplifications in your VisualWorks applications, talk to us.

Georg Heeg will be happy to help you with SmalltyAIConnect!