SmalltyWeb - Content Managment ohne Grenzen

What is SmalltyWeb?

Discover the numerous possibilities of SmalltyWeb, and connect your business process in an individual, uniform and easy-to-use user interface. Our CMS presents your manually and automatically integrated content professionally and optimally on the Internet. At the same time, SmalltyWeb meets the current state of web development and the requirements in digital search engines to be found.

SmalltyWeb is our answer to inflexible and rigid content management systems (CMS). Fulfill your desire for your own website easily and quickly without any prior technical knowledge yourself. Design, development and content go hand in hand with us, but are so cleverly separated from each other that SmalltyWeb can also work perfectly together with highly individual as well as unfamiliar systems and data without affecting the design.

Advantages of SmalltyWeb

flexible author management
Separation of data, development and design
seamless server monitoring
Automatic integration of new functions
More flexibility in display and handling of external data
adapted automatisms
Controlled update
No installation required

We do not require any installation for the use of an individual user interface. SmalltyWeb offers author management with high flexibility. Determine the number, permissions of author accesses individually and easily yourself. The separation of design, development and data management makes working with SmalltyWeb much more flexible compared to many rigid user interfaces of other content management systems. For example, you can centrally adjust the use of the innovative text module logic via the user interface and use your time for other important work.

Individual automatisms perfectly adapt the operation of SmalltyWeb to your business processes and requirements in a logical way, saving you valuable time.

With a dynamic and lively website, you are always one step ahead of the competition. Simply determine for yourself when defined content is shown and hidden. SmalltyWeb takes the flexible display of external data to a completely new creative level. From now on, you decide not only where external data such as events, video footage, images and social media are displayed, but also how, customized according to your very own wishes and needs.

SmalltyWeb grows with its tasks. New updates and functions are added continuously. These are implemented automatically according to your needs and without effort.

Automatic monitoring and innovative security features protect your website and enable sustained best performance.