Consulting and project support

Your companion in the right direction.

The company Georg Heeg eK has over 35 years of experience both with the development of applications in Smalltalk and with the implementation of the underlying technology such as the Smalltalk Virtual Machine. This experience is the basis for our consulting services in all phases of project development with Smalltalk.

Technology selection
We help you make the right decisions! From choosing the right Smalltalk components, standards, databases and integration technologies to the right operating systems.

Technical process analysis and design
What good is the most powerful programming language if the analysis and design of the language are not adequate? Those who have attended our methodology course know how to create viable and flexible designs for Smalltalk. To all others, we offer our many years of experience for accompanying or performing OO analysis and design.

Project management
Our consultants complement your project management and support you in all technological issues. We draw on 35 years of experience with design methods, development systems and databases and are experienced in working in a fully object-oriented way. We are familiar with the integration of relational databases into an object-oriented software world. Many years of experience in different, also international teams makes it easier for us to integrate into your team. This is true for a short assignment as well as for a long lasting cooperation, for the use of current technologies as well as for the maintenance and extension of a legacy application.

Scrum-Master for agile development
For the management and support of your agile software projects we offer several certified Scrum Masters.

Software architectures
The Internet hype has brought us a veritable flood of new standards and technologies. Good software architectures today are no longer limited to the questions: "fat client" or "thin client", "2-tier" or "3-tier"? The integration of applications, both into the existing infrastructure and with the requirements of web technologies that differ from it, is a challenge that is better met with experienced help. We have this experience.

Add a technology coach to your team. We accompany your projects, make our know-how and experience available and provide you with risk and effort analyses before critical project phases are started or commissioning or porting is carried out. In addition, we check your status quo with a code review.

We will be happy to help you select suitable technologies for your projects.