SmalltyPDF for Cincom Smalltalk

for Windows 32/64, MacOS X, Linux 32/64

Advantages of SmalltyPDF

create PDF documents directly - without code changes
Deliver PDF document creation as an integral part
improved quality compared to host printing
PDF/A, Attachments and Encryption
Print Unicode directly without CodePages
PDF internal fonts can be used

SmalltyPDF for Cincom Smalltalk extends the Cincom Smalltalk printing framework with PDF document creation. SmalltyPDF works analogously to the existing HostPrinter and PostScriptPrinter printers and covers the common functionality of both printer classes.

Applications that use HostPrinter or PostScriptPrinter for printing can create PDF documents with SmalltyPDF without any code changes. SmalltyPDF is set manually via the Cincom Smalltalk Setting tool or programmatically via a simple method call (Printer usePDF).

The PDFPrinter is based on the free library "Haru Free PDF Library". This library is provided under the ZLIB/LIBPNG license and can therefore be shipped with commercial applications.


Unlike printing with "Print To PDF", SmalltyPDF:

  • Assign name of the PDF file programmatically
  • Use PDF internal fonts
  • Scaling without loss of quality:
    • with SmalltyPDF

    • with HostPrinting

  • different page sizes in one PDF document
  • Mark PDF document and add comments
  • PDF/A documents
  • Attachments
  • encrypted documents
The following links show examples created with SmalltyPDF:

For prices and further information please contact Georg Heeg eK.