Today we would like to inform you about innovations from the Smalltalk software house Georg Heeg. Since our last newsletter, Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom® VisualWorks® have been released in version 9.3, whose range of functions has grown by further interesting features. The most obvious enhancement is TabbedWindows, which adds tabs to the window system in a way familiar from web browsers. A window can contain browsers (System, MethodList etc.), workspaces or inspectors in the various tabs, which significantly reduces the number of windows on the desktop.


Due to current events, we have also been dealing with the topic of artificial intelligence over the past few months. We wanted to find out whether and how ChatGPT can be meaningfully integrated into the Smalltalk environment. In doing so, we asked ourselves questions like:

  • Can workflows in Smalltalk development be simplified with the help of artificial intelligence and can suggestions be created at the push of a button?
  • Can AI be meaningfully integrated into customer applications?
  • If a query to AI contains an application context, can AI provide actionable answers that make work easier?
  • What are the possible uses of translations, summaries or analyses provided by AI?

SmalltyAIC was created as part of the practical testing of these questions. We have found that ChatGPT from OpenAI can indeed produce inspirational text when queries are made with the context of the VisualWorks application. Feel free to take a look at the SmalltyAIC product description.


SmalltyAIC shows once again that Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom® VisualWorks® have lost none of their innovative power, even though Smalltalk is already an exhibit at the Computer History Museum. Both are still ideally suited for creating new innovative applications.


We offer our consulting services both remotely and on-site. We bring all our experience and all our tools to the table. We will be happy to advise you on how your application can also be brought to the very latest state of the art through the use of artificial intelligence. Please contact me personally to plan the next steps into the future.


Georg Heeg


PS: SmalltyAIC also has a meaning: Smallty (component written in Smalltalk) AI (artificial intelligence) C (connector or interface).


PPS: This newsletter was created and sent using a new extension of SmalltyWeb. You and your firm can also take advantage of the same simple application to generate additional interest, support and added value for your clients!


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As you surely know, Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom® VisualWorks® are currently already available in version 9.2.1.


As a long-standing Smalltalk software house, we not only keep the components we have developed up to date, but also create new products and license-free components.


Brand new is our product SmalltyPDF for program-controlled creation of PDF documents. Applications that use the VisualWorks classes HostPrinter or PostScriptPrinter for printing can create PDF documents with SmalltyPDF without code changes and without a special printer driver. Supported features include Unicode fonts, PDF/A, attachments and encryption. 


Our CMS system SmalltyWeb is successfully used for modern websites. It contains building blocks for the common Bootstrap 5 design templates. Websites designed with SmalltyWeb, whether simple or complex, are visually appealing and technically accessible. Content is modeled similar to Smalltalk classes, programmed rules determine what is displayed, and content is maintained by authors using custom editors. 


SmalltyPy opens the door for Cincom Smalltalk™ users to Python libraries such as NumPy, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn, or PyTorch. 


A generational shift is currently taking place among many Smalltalk users. Where young computer scientists are trained in Smalltalk, our trainers still observe the same enthusiasm for Smalltalk that we have already known for several decades. We also like to support Smalltalk customers with tricky tasks. Recently, this has often included migrating applications from old versions of Smalltalk to current platforms. 


Please have a look at our website, or contact me ( 


Georg Heeg


Georg Heeg eK | District court Dortmund HR A 12812
Baroper Str. 337 | D-44227 Dortmund
Phone: +49-3496-214328