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What is  SmalltyPy?

We at Georg Heeg eK developed a tool to incorporate the Python world into Smalltalk. It is called SmalltyPy.

Python is one of the programming languages that is especially popular in the field of artificial intelligence. Efficient modules, like Keras and TensorFlow, were created in Python for computation-intensive applications in neuronal networks. Furthermore, Python offers the opportunity for parallel processing on multiply CPU cores and GPUs. All these possibilitys are now available to Smalltalk developers in VisualWorks (64-bit).


SmalltyPy is an add-on for Cincom's VisualWorks (64-bits), it is supported in Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

By using the Python-DLL in SmalltyPy the Python and Smalltalk objects are in the same process. Both are sharing the same storage space and enable direct access to each other. Therefore, no conversions are necessary and the full operating speed is used.  

SmalltyPy offers the following advantages:

  • Integrations of Python modules like Keras and TensorFlow into your VisualWorks (64-bit) applications:
      • Use artificial inteligence in VisualWorks.
      • Show live video streams in VisualWorks windows using Python's OpenCV.
      • Make use of spaCy for natural language processing (NLP) in your applications.
  • Simultaneous calculations on multiple CPU cores.
  • Use Numba, OpenCL and CUDA to execute code on graphic cards (GPUs).
  • Choose between synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (threaded) execution of Python code. Prolonged incovations are better performed asynchronously, while short calls run faster when performed synchronously.
  • Numpy-Array can be directly accessed from VisualWorks without any marshaling involved.
  • You can call Python methods from VisualWorks methods and vise versa
  • The source code of self developed Python code can be versioned and maintained in Store, side by side with your Smalltalk source code.

VisualWorks with SmalltyPy offers benefits to Python Developers as well, as it opens up the whole world of Smalltalk.


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This is how SmalltyPY works.

SmalltyPy offers the opportunity to connect Python librarys with Smalltalk-code.


THE graphics library!