GH Presentation - an interactive display system for expositions and museums

GH Presentation is based on the idea of providing information in museums and exhibitions, which, depending on the interest of the visitors, specifically deepen the exhibition contents. It is a modular expandable presentation system. Currently available components are:

  • Touch screen for visitors
  • Presentations created by the author in PowerPoint that either run automatically or can be forwarded by the visitor
  • Database searches with image displays
  • Book presentations with page-turning and enlargement function
  • Games to expand knowledge, especially for young people, children and school classes

In an exhibition, for example, a valuable book is opened on a selected page. On the touch screen, the visitor can flip through the book at will, open it on all pages, use the magnifying glass function, compare it with other databases and obtain further information. 

Computer games and films can be integrated. Multimedia animations, projections and sound effects invite visitors to participate. The operating function is a simple gesture control on the touch screen like in modern cell phones. The software of the GH-presentation is freely configurable for the provision and cropping of books and the transfer of PowerPoint presentations. It runs on standard PCs with a touch screen for visitors. It is controlled via a closed control screen with keyboard and mouse. Windows 8.1 and Cincom VisualWorks Smalltalk are used as basic technologies.

With GH Presentation, we have created a product that enables visitors to the exhibition to inform themselves individually and in depth about the exhibition topic beyond the exhibits shown. Since the product also contains playful components, it appeals especially to children and young people.

You can see an example on the website of Road of the German language.

A product with playful components.