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3 steps to your own website!

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First step

During an initial conversation, it is determined what your wishes and goals are. Afterwards, a comprehensive target group definition and competitor analysis will be performed. In cooperation with you we create a great design with high usability for your offers, functionalities and presentation. For your own administration of your business processes and content we develop a customized user interface that leaves nothing to be desired.

Analysis and goals

We analyze your target groups and objectives for your web presence. For example, if your customer base is mainly mobile browsing, we will of course focus the design on a responsive web design.

Information architecture

We conceptualize an intuitive information architecture so that customers can quickly find their way around your site and are guided to specific information. The design of the information structure is SEO and Google optimized.

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Second step

In the following step we use all our skills and build the desired content and functions. We always keep you up to date with the current state of development and involve you in the process. This way we can respond to spontaneous change requests and creative inspirations.


We do not offer assembly line solutions! Our web design services include the development of individual software solutions to solve complex problems and create a web design tailored exactly to your needs.

Leading design

With smartly placed graphics and design elements, you can not only present information and products in a structured way, but also guide the visitor through your website in a targeted manner.

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Third step

The moment we have been waiting for. We present the finished website! This includes not only the view for the customer, but also the management and handling of the individual user interface. If there are no more wishes left, the website will go live. Furthermore, we are always at your disposal, should there be any questions regarding the administration and handling.

The page goes live

The site is made available to the public. We are at your disposal for questions of user administration and technical problems.

We sit down together

The site is put through its paces internally. Then there is a final meeting with us, where we answer questions and demonstrate in detail all the advantages of the user interface customized for you.

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