An overview of our products for you!


Georg Heeg eK offers you professional web development. We build clearly structured, efficient and accessible web applications for you. Our all around carefree package for you includes:

  • a goal-oriented analysis
  • a professional concept
  • successful and error-free implementation
  • long-term maintenance of the web application

This way you will always stay up-to-date and on the cutting edge of technology.

SmalltyPDF for Cincom Smalltalk

Easily create PDF documents:

  • commercial application that uses Cincom Smalltalk print framework for printing
  • create PDF documents directly - without code changes
  • PDF document creation as an integral part of your application

Georg Heeg eK has the solution: SmalltyPrint for Cincom Smalltalk.


We at Georg Heeg eK have developed a tool to integrate the Python world into Smalltalk. It is called SmalltyPy.

Python is one of the programming languages that are currently enjoying great popularity, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.


Do you need inspiration for your workflows or text modules?
With SmalltyAIC we have created a connection between OpenAI and VisualWorks application.


SmalltyERP is our ERP system. It was previously offered under the name Component Studio. In 2023/24 it was thoroughly renovated, in particular with a new database interface.

Open Source

We at Heeg have created dozens of tools and extensions for Cincom Smalltalk over the years that have helped us with small or large problems.

GH Präsentation

GH Presentation is based on the idea of providing information in museums and exhibitions that, depending on the interest of the visitors, specifically deepens the contents of the exhibition. It is a modular expandable presentation system.


seaBreeze is a graphic-based development tool for websites and allows interactive, comfortable and fast development of dynamic pages in a WYSIWYG editor. Extensive knowledge of Javascript, CSS and HTML is no longer required, everything can be done in Smalltalk, many things comfortably and quickly in the graphical editor.


The WindowsGestureSupport package adds gesture support for Cincom Smalltalk. It provides access to gestures like pan, zoom and rotate.

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We offer custom software development!

  • Solutions for every requirement
  • Comprehensive consulting and support
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