Simply create PDF documents:

  • You have a commercial application that uses the VisualWorks Print Framework to print content?
  • You would like to create PDF documents directly without code changes?
  • Due to licensing costs, you do not want to ship free Ghostscript-based printer drivers with your application?
  • You do not want to ask your customers to install free printer drivers to create PDF documents using HostPrinters and the free printer driver?
  • You want to make PDF document creation an integral part of your application?

Georg Heeg eK has the solution: PDFPrinter for VisualWorks.

PDFPrinter for VisualWorks extends the printing framework of VisualWorks to create PDF documents. The PDFPrinter works analogously to the existing printers HostPrinter and PostScriptPrinter and covers the common functionality of the two printer classes.

Applications that use HostPrinter or PostScriptPrinter for printing can create PDF documents with the PDFPrinter without code changes. The PDFPrinter is set manually via the VisualWorks Setting Tool or programmatically via a simple method call (Printer usePDF).

The PDFPrinter is based on the free library "Haru Free PDF Library". This library is provided under the ZLIB / LIBPNG license and can therefore be delivered with commercial applications.

The sample page shows examples of PDF document generation using VisualWorks statements.

For prices and further information please contact   Georg Heeg eK.

Simply create PDF documents