The WindowsGestureSupport package adds gesture support for VisualWorks on Windows 7 and later. It provides access to gestures like pan, zoom and rotate. It is based on the WM_GESTURE API of Windows 7 and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Microsoft offers 3 different types of gesture APIs: WM_TOUCH, WM_GESTURE, and WM_POINTER. WM_TOUCH is a low level API that is relatively difficult to operate. The WM_POINTER API is rather easy to use and offers very fine-grained gesture recognition. The WM_POINTER API makes it possible to recognize different gestures for multiple objects in the same window. The WM_GESTURE API can be seen as a very easy, user-friendly access to simple gestures between the two APIs. It provides built-in support for panning, zooming and rotating gestures. In contrast to the WM_POINTER API, it only allows detection of a single gesture.
For most desktop applications, it is enough to have simple gesture support to enable gestures such as panning, zooming, and rotating through lists. For this purpose, the WM_GESTURE API is sufficient and it has been chosen as the API supported by WindowsGestureSupport.
WindowsGestureSupport comes in two parts: a DLL that allows preserving the events of VisualWorks Image and a package that ensures that the events are properly applied by VisualWorks. Integrating gesture support into VisualWorks applications is as easy as handling the gesture event in a controller subclass.
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Product Sheet: WindowsGestureSupport.pdf

The gesture support package for VisualWorks